Sep 11, 2019

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The Best Hair Dryers

Assalamualaikum & Very Good Morning all
One of the best product i received for review
Why we chose it
Impressive heat range
It has the widest temperature range of all our tested hair dryers — no matter your hair type, it has your back. It came in second only to the  in wind speed, hitting 54 mph — still plenty fast to get your hair dried quickly.
Enhanced diffuser
A regular diffuser blows air into your hair from one direction. The finger-fronds of the Devafuser not only feature holes on all sides, giving you hot air from 360 degrees, they get that air deep into the curls and close to your scalp. The result? A more evenly produced heat to dry your hair faster. One of our testers with thick, voluminous hair brought her styling time down from 30 minutes to eight. 
 so what you waiting for?
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Suka tak dengan N3 saya, kalau suka dan rasa terhibur boleh la tinggalkan komen anda.. Terima kasih