Sep 19, 2019

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Happy Birthday Wan & Din

Assalamualaikum & Very Good Moning
On Wednesdays all over the internet,
bloggers post a photograph with
no words to explain it on their blog
Hence the ‘wordless’ title.
The idea is that the photo itself says
so much that it doesn’t need any description
 Bahan2 nak masak
 puding caramel
 Happy Birthday wan & din
 happy face
 alhamdullilah CTDU Team
Semoga semua impian tercapai


  1. sedapnya spaghetti & puding caramel tu :-)

  2. aduh...terliur tengok spaghetti tu.....

  3. Happy birthday wan & din. Moga dilimpahkan dengan rezeki yang diberkati dan berpanjangan. Dipermudahkan segala urusan serta diberikan nikmat kesihatan yang baik.aaminn

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