Sep 1, 2019

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Chapayom Malaysia

Hellooooo! *Waves* How's everyone doing? (I hope someone still reading this +__+)
Today i like to share a great food original from Thailand
If u like thai food u must come n try this
 Meet supervisor Mdm Sha
Central I-City, Shah Alam Franchising
 Opening promotion 
 Newest Premium Thai Tea & Bites Franchise in Malaysia 
 Waiting for review
 just take a seat first
 come & grab
 very convenience store 
 What's your Thai Tea of the day? Choose from 15 Flavours of Coffee, Tea and Cocoa and Yummy
 i try green tea
  and milk tea
  i really like milk tea , smell feel u really happy

Hungry for a quick bite? Calling out all Tom Yum lovers  
 Bola bola mango pulut - Resipi Ori dari Thailand 
 very nice food
 Let's try
 Pulut nangka
Som tam (Thai papaya salad)
 Menu for food 
 Tq so much
 Thank you @chapayommalaysia for having us❤❤
So my review
Great news for Thai Tea lovers as same like me , Chapayom Thai Tea had opened their first outlet in LG @ Central i- City. Who ever that had Traveled to Thailand , surely have seen this Chapayom Thai tea stall everywhere on the street . There are more than 1500 stall around Thailand by today . While known as Chapayom in Malaysia .
I really like milk tea from thailand i really recomend to all 
Please come n try surely all of you like it

#foodblogger  @ Chapayom Malaysia


Suka tak dengan N3 saya, kalau suka dan rasa terhibur boleh la tinggalkan komen anda.. Terima kasih