Aug 16, 2019

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Cooking Oil Hardner

Hari ini Anum nak share satu produk yang sangat best 
 For those who cook often, this is useful especially when you are frying food. Usually you either store the remaining oil (if clean) or throw away. But how do you throw? Pour down the drain? Pour in a plastic bag when it cools down? No need those greasy dirty job. This box of 5 packs will save you the hassle.
Method: Just pour a pack into the hot oil and stir it till it melts into the oil. Leave it there till it hardens (that will take about probably 20-30 mins). Use a spatula to scrape from the side and all the way to the middle till you get the whole piece of harden oil up, as shown on the box. And you can easily wash your pans and woks.

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