Jun 11, 2019

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37 Incredibly Easy Family Goals

Hi all
Goal setting with family is very powerful because you can hold each other accountable. Come print out these Incredibly easy family goals worksheet and list.
This list makes family goal setting so easy. You really can set a family goal any time of the year. Such a great way to bond and teach your children that they can achieve their goals easier through teamwork. Use this to set a New Years resolution with your kids or set long and short term goals!


  1. Family goals ni kalau amal bahagia hehe

  2. hmmmmm...
    skang aida ikut mana sempat jer, Num.
    anak2 periksa. anak2 tuisyen.
    family time ialah kat rumah jer :) ha ha ha ha...


Suka tak dengan N3 saya, kalau suka dan rasa terhibur boleh la tinggalkan komen anda.. Terima kasih