Jan 17, 2018


Assalamaualaikum & very good morning
Today i just want to share for all beginners tips.


Among all the other makeup items, eyeliner seems to be one of the most difficult to master. Sometimes we cannot deny that we tend to have smudgy eyes because of it due to wrong makeup techniques. Therefore, any girl who is not a pro in the makeup division, there are a few easy steps to apply as a beginner. Start simple and you will definitely get the hang of it in no time. So check out the eyeliners must-know tips for makeup beginners below.

1.    Start with Pencil

Every girl should know that there are various types of eyeliners available in the market. From pencil, gel, liquid and markers, just to name a few. For beginners, it is advised to start with the pencil eyeliners first as it does not smudge easily. However, make sure to apply primer on your face before starting to draw your eyeliners in. Practice makes perfect and if you are already good at the movements of your fingers, you can move forward for gels or liquids. 
 2.    Go for Classic Black or Brown

Beginners should always start simple and neutral coloured eyeliners will be the perfect choice. Black and brown are the favourite eyeliner colours picked by a majority of women due to its versatile appearance. Women with any eye colour can rock these two colours with any makeup look.
3.    Decide the Style

Deciding on the style of eyeliner you want is important even as beginners. This is because you apply eyeliner to enhance the shape of your eyes and make your eyes pop out more. Whether you go for a winged eyeliner look, full on bottom top circling your eyes or any other styles, make sure it brings out the beauty of your eyes as the wrong style will jeopardize your whole make up look.
So what u waiting for.. go get the eyeliner now..
enjoy it make ur fun every day with simple make up


  1. good sharing.. cikyan suka pakai eyeliner.. tp serius xpandai sbb asal nk pakai je, tgn terketar2.. hahahaha.. sabar jela kans..

  2. Selalunya wanita suka wat eyeliner korea punya style kan kak. Hihi.


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