Oct 9, 2017

Women Single Challenge @ MO17

Assalamualaikum semua
Salam pagi 
Hari ini nak sambung entry dart lagi ya
Malaysian Open 2017 Darts Championship
It was indeed an amazing tournament over the past 3 days (29th & 30th Sept and 1st Oct) here at The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur with over 800 participants in the Team, Men's and Ladies Singles events. 
17 countries across the globe and our very own fellow darters from Labuan, Sabah, Sarawak and West Malaysia.
Syukur Alhamdulillah. I get many experience on this tournament, 17 countries here only for one reason, all about Dart, i learn so many tips from professional player. 
My best performance when i qualify joint 9th in Women Single Challenge. Inshaallah one day my name will same level with them. More training and more pray. 
Sijil Penyertaan 
BDO Certificate
Alhamdullilah nama dah ada dalam ranking WDF
Alhamdullilah balik terus bwk my mom makan.. rezeki kan
Tq so much to all supporter especially  my husband, my family, my sifu2 & all my friend. 
See u next year on MO17/2018


Suka tak dengan N3 saya, kalau suka dan rasa terhibur boleh la tinggalkan komen anda.. Terima kasih

♥Happy Moment♥

♥Happy Moment♥
Love u More than u love me

♥Qudut & Anum♥

♥Qudut & Anum♥