Aug 9, 2017


Sharing Is Caring : How To Achieve Your Goal In Life?

Assalamu'alaikum & Salam Sejahtera...

To have goal in life is must otherwise you will feel boar and will take your life meaningless and purposeless. To live a meaningful life is somewhat the life of a brilliant person who is ambitious and wants to rule over the world.

But just to think about getting goal is not enough but you have to be persistent and steadfast for your goal. Some ideas how you can achieve your goals are here for you:
Choose goal in which you are really interested:
Just looking at someone or looking at your friends you should not go for the same thing. But find out your own aptitude and inclination the thing in which you are really interested. Then your work will become fun for you and you will work hard with your full interest and spirit.

Be persistent for your goal:
Steadfastness in work is foremost thing. Once you have chosen a goal in life then be sure that the achievement will require hard work from you. Now you should not let yourself distracted toward other things. Prepare your mind that you have to sacrifice all useless desires that is just wastage of time.

Be practical for your purpose:
Whenever you feel that you have become tired and now you are not in mood to work think about the day of result. Think about the time when you are getting reward that is your goal for your work, this thinking will inspire you or motivate you to start work again.

Say no to lame excuses:
When you have some goal to achieve it means you cannot pay heed to lame excuses. Without pain there is no gain so say no to all excuses that come to your way. Give priority to your work and after that count all other things.

Say to yourself that you can do it:
Self-confidence is very important and you must believe in yourself. If any obstacles came to your way, fight with that and tell yourself that you can do it. Believe in yourself and have passion for what you are struggling.

Take criticism as motivation:
If you have faced criticism in your past life now it is the time to make critical remarks you strength your source of inspiration. Remember those remarks and get motivated to work for your goal again.



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