Feb 18, 2016

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Assalamualaikum semua
Sekejap sahaja rasanya minggu nie dah masuk hari khamis kan
Ok hari ini nak share ngan korang semua mengenai Lace Dress
Jom ikuti lebih lanjut ya


No women can ever say no to the beauty of lovely lace dresses as the dresses exude feminine innocence in the perfect way possible. There are many designs of lace dress designs for women to choose from depending on their fashion taste. For the ladies who have no idea on what lace dress designs that they need to add into their closet at home can check out these three beautiful pieces. The ladies who are looking for that elegant yet sexy appearance will definitely fall in love with the long sleeve bodycon lace dress. The dress will absolutely bring out the sophisticated side of you to others and perfect to be worn to any occasion. Whether you are going to work, a formal event or even a special date, the long sleeve lace bodycon dress will make you look stunning as ever.
However, if you are someone who wants to remain girly and sweet, the A-line lace dress will be the perfect choice. Twirl around in the dress and feel like a princess everywhere you go. Match the dress with a nice pair of high heels for a sassy look or go adorable by wearing it with ballerina flats. Pull together the perfect ensemble which represents your personality and step out feeling amazing from head-to-toe.
The maxi lace dress design is also a perfect addition to your wardrobe especially if you are someone who needs to constantly attend functions looking chic. Lace maxi dress has it all from sassy, sexy and effortlessly simple style which reveals that elegance in you. Accessorize the look with a nice clutch, high heels and earrings for the complete fashionable appearance. Walk with confidence looking on fleek every time you step out and be the center of everyone’s attention.
So apa tunggu lagi kalau korang berminat boleh la 
terjah link yang Anum sediakan untuk korang ya
sesuai untuk ke majlis2 yang special 



  1. Lace ni akak pakai masa nikah akak tu hari jer Anum..
    Segan pulak nak pakai skrg..
    Tapi boleh dipakai kalau gi dinner maxi dress ni..

  2. gmbr last tu cantik tpi dh tk sesuai dh kot dgn kaknoor hehee

  3. suka jugak pakai lace ni anum..tapi kekadang tu keganasan diri melampaui batas...hahahha...selalu je nyaris terkoyak..hahahha

  4. wahhh..suwiitttt..sy suke yg 1st tu..tp bdn demokkk..xmuat pun

  5. Suka pakai kain lace sbab lawa.. tapi kalau tersangkut... adoiii.. habis berbulu

  6. Cantik.. tapi memang kena pandai jaga... kalau tak abis la... huhuh

  7. cantik lace dress, tp ada ana2 kecil ni xleh nk pakai. diorg lasak duk atas kita habis rosak...


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