Nov 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Eqbal Zack (Giveaway)

Assalamualaikum semua
Ok buat pertama kalinya Anum
nak join GA daripada blogger yang sangat terkenal
Ok GA yang di anjurkan bersempena Hari Jadi beliau
So jom kita tgk hadiah  dan rule untuk join..


 TWO[2] winners 
Him/her will receive a Black Wallet and Red Purse by
 Alain Delon (Original)

FOUR [4] winners

It’s the original miniature from DKNY and RALPH LAUREN!

Join now, because FOUR [4] of you (him/her) will win a bottle!

TEN [10] winners

TEN [10] PARTICIPANTS will receive Eqbal Zack 

(EZ) Limited Editon Fridge Magnet

Please read carefully, as I reserve the right to disqualify any incomplete entries. 

1. Be a follower of
2. Write a simple blog post (Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Inggeris) about this giveaway. The title of your entry will be: "Happy Birthday Eqbal Zack (Giveaway)"
3. Come back here and leave the permalink (URL) in the **comment box. I will pick the BEST wishes!
4. Send me an awesome “Birthday Wish” (Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Inggeris) via CONTACT FORM.
    It is better to use a CONTACT FORM for this purpose to avoid plagiarism.
5. This giveaway runs from today until 12 November 2012 (11:59PM).
6. Winners will be announced on the 19 November 2012 (10:00 AM).

**If your comment doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry I may have to approve it first!

Good Luck everyone!

So apa tunggu lagi semua.. sangat mudah kan....
 Wish me Luck..



  1. Redza: thanks
    Eqbalzack: most welcome

  2. semoga berjaya...nti nak terjah jugaklah...

  3. semoga berjaya. nnt nak singgah tgk jugaklah :D

  4. Dwaty: thanks
    Sue: ok sis singgah tau

  5. assalamualaikum anum....selamat bersegmen yer...:)

  6. hainom: hehehe
    maszull: thanks sis

  7. good luck anum..akak nak cuba gak ni..hehehe...

  8. Assalamualaikum,

    Terima kasih join GA Tunggukan keputusan pada 19hb November 2012 ok.


  9. eqbal: insyaallah
    Cik Kay: thanks dear


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