Jun 28, 2011

Why Me!!

Hi, today i not feeling well & my mood also not good today...
I really don't like what i feel now...

Why sometimes people are very difficult to understand and appreciate what we have done for him.
I just do , what i think the best for him..
What i feel now. really tension and stress.... anyone can help me...

If I could have anything in the world.
All the riches, on earth or up above.
I would have none of it.
All I could ever want or need is your love.

Your face surpasses that of a mood.
Your wonderful laugh is sweeter than a birds.
Just call my name, and I will try to be there for you.
Just say the word.


  1. sabar yeh..insyaAllah semuanya ok :)

  2. jgn tensen² yer...
    biase la tu...

  3. nuyui:thanks
    kak ju: insyaallah
    amen: ye la , tgh cuba bersabar nie

  4. takmola stress2, of course sebagai wifey kita pasti nk buat terbaik utk suami, tp kdg dia cm tak nampak pun apa yg kita dah buat tu, yg ptg kna trus terang n berbincang, semoga semuanya akan ok... insyaAllah..

  5. hanis: insyaallah
    selagi anum boleh bersabar.. hehehhe
    sis nie bukan pasal suami la..

  6. chills dear...cuba terjun kolam pastu jerit dlm air bg ilang tensen..hehe

  7. Umie: cadangan yang baik, hehehhe
    tp x pe sis, malam nie nak pg lepak kat bukit yg tinggi, nak jerit kuat2


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