Jun 17, 2011


Green School in Bali, Indonesia...This Is A Truly EnvironmentFri endly & Enhanced School

Fantastic place

Welcome to the green school in Bali , Indonesia . It provides it's students with an education about the amazing environment that we live in. It is a holistic and relevant education. During the construction, only bamboo, elephant grass and clay were used. Cement was used just in some places in the foundation. The central and the most important building is the "heart of the school." It is perhaps the largest building in the world built entirely from bamboo. It's dimensions are 18 meters high and 64 meters long. General area of the school includes a variety of structures: apartment buildings, classrooms, office building, and cafes. The school gets electricity from environmentally friendly sources of energy: hydraulic turbine generators and installed solar panels. It seems that considering the way we are polluting the earth, everyone should attend.

Bestnya kalau aku dapat belajar kat tempat macam ini
Tenang sangat2, siape yang belajar kat sini kalau x dapat A
Tak tahu la aku.. hehhehhe



  1. sempoi habes environment mcm ni...nyaman je...kalau aku, dah tak jadi belajar kot, mesti gamaknya aku tdo sbb nyaman benar kekdahnya..hahaha!!

  2. ko memang beb...
    tapi kalau aku study sane insyaallah leh dpt best result...
    tapi kalau ko ada sane beb, comfirm aku x jd belajar.......ngeh.ngeh.ngeh

  3. so unique la anum.....bestnye klu skolah Sha dulu cmni...ehehe

  4. itu la tenang je , sha


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