May 25, 2011

I Wonder :(

I wonder too much.
I wonder about everything.
I wonder what you did today.
I wonder what my cat is thinking.
I wonder what the weather is going to be like.
I wonder if something life altering will happen soon.
I wonder if you have dreams like I do.
I wonder if I will die old.
I wonder if I have met my second half or if I ever will.
I wonder how I will look in my 60s.
I wonder if true love is possible.
I wonder if you think your bed is more comfortable than mine.
I wonder if I’ll get to travel to far away places.
I wonder what you really think of my family.
I wonder if I will learn to take risks.
I wonder if you will take them with me.
I wonder why things end so slowly.
I wonder if my parents are disappointed in me.
I wonder if I will ever have a family.
I wonder if I am annoying.
I wonder why I care.
I wonder if you do, too.
I wonder if it’s possible to be addicted to ice cream.
I wonder how old the tree is at my grandparents’ house.
I wonder how bad getting a tattoo really hurts.
I wonder why I’m such a picky eater.
I wonder what it would be like to forget any painful event.
I wonder
I wonder
I wonder
what it’s like
not to wonder so much.



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