Apr 25, 2011

Want To Be My Friend???...

I don't like when being asked about best friend. "Who is your best friend? Tell me about your best friend." Out-and-out.! It is hateful and somehow I realized that I was not able to answer that question.

Best friend? Like a person who wearing a raincoat during summer. It is too obvious. And I hate to show my feelings. I just make friend with anyone. (Although, I have a lot of enemies too. I guess. Haha..;p). So I can't choose who is my best friend and who is not. It feels unfair. And I don't like to be too dependent on others. I like to be more flexible. Can fit just anyone. Can adapt easily. Life will be more enjoyable that way, right? But still, I'm picky in making friends. Too picky.

But now, the true meaning of friend is often misunderstood. I feel sad about that. Only know the nickname, considered as friend. Just look at the picture on the page orientation once, considered as friend. Just reply a very few comments, considered as friend. It is funny, right? Sometimes, we never speak a word to the person, even his name appear at our friends list.!

For me, the true meaning of best friend is hardly be expressed in words. It is quite enough as well as we know that we are best friends. We will share story. We will share everything. And there is shoulder to cry on. And there is person to laugh together. Only we know who is our best friend; and we don't need other people to choose who is our best friend, right? =)

"An old friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move a dead body." - Jim Hayes



Suka tak dengan N3 saya, kalau suka dan rasa terhibur boleh la tinggalkan komen anda.. Terima kasih