Dec 16, 2010

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Settting the date!

Guess what is the most important thing to decide for your wedding?

please put aside your baju, or makeup or even the guests that u plan to be around first. The most important decision that u have to make before the wedding is... setting up the date! Haha. Ya lo.. without a date, macammana nak jemput orang? Betul x?

I would like to share a few tips on "setting the date" for your wedding. Hope the tips help. :)

Work - You have to choose the perfect date when both of you can get time off from work for the wedding and also the honeymoon. Perhaps, some of the newlyweds dont mind much on the honeymoon part but for me, honeymoon is an ideal reward after all the sweat and tears of the wedding build-up. So go grab any honeymoon package - it doesnt matter whether it will be in or out of the country but so long the both of you can have all the time to rest and relax pun dah okay...

Notice - Dewan - if u are in Klang Valley, u have to book the dewan like one year in advance at least! Gila kan? hehee...semua orang dah suka buat kat dewan sekarang, senang. And if you want the best deal from the suppliers, u better put up the notice early, so then u can go crazy finding ur dream supplier....
Family and friends - Who do u plan to be around during ur wedding? Maybe ada relatives or good friends yang still kat overseas and u want to wait for them to come back for good dulu ke macammana kan? So semua ni kena consider.
Date - Hmmph, if ur wedding is gonna be in School Holidays, December especially, u really have to plan and deal with ur suppliers much earlier... it is pretty tough to book their service as u have to berebut with other bride to be- peak season la katakan. U also have to take note - school holidays, all the travel expenses, accomodation prices will hike up la. - so plan early, for better deals okay?

Day - As u know, Saturday is the most famous day for wedding kan? And of course is often hard to book. Sunday also okay - tapi for me if ur wedding is in short period only then okay kot if u would like to have it on Sunday, coz tmrw orang nak kerja. As for weekdays, they may upset some guests and hamper attendance.

Time - Ada yang prefer evening wedding, ada yang prefer noon and di Sarawak pula pagi2 ye...Dalam kol 9:30 -11:00 macam itu sudah wedding.... Hehe...

So happy choosing the best date!



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