Mar 29, 2010

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Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

Rugi sampai lambat tak dapat join xtvt..
Baru je sampai...hehe

Gajah-gajah sedang berehat

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Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary was set up by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks as an elephant translocation unit in 1974 to track down, capture and then release these elephants into larger and safer forest reserves throughout the Peninsula.A commendable effort by the wildlife department in trying to conserve the endangered elephant in Malaysia . Honestly i feel that this place should be a bit bigger , i had been to elephant parks in Chiang mai , Thailand and i would suggest that the wildlife department could take cue from their counterpart in thailand .But then again the real purpose of setting up this sanctuary is not for commercial purposes .I'm not sure the real reason for setting up the elephant parks in chiang mai but obviously it was for commercial purposes.
Due to their noble effort in helping the elephant , i gave a rating of "A" for this place . Entrance to this park is free and among activity that you can do here is elephant ride , elephant bath and elephant feeding.


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