Mar 30, 2010

Deerland World of Nature
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Baru je sampai. hehe

Best dapat bagi makan rusa-rusa

Kesian baby bear nie, tak ada kawan

Tengah berperang ngan rusa-rusa yang lapar

Rasa takut ......

Lembutnya badan bear nie

Cuti baru nier aku berpeluang follow family aku ke Kuala Gandah, Lanchang Pahang untuk melawat Deerland dan Pusat Pemulihan Gajah...lama dah tak ikut my family pegi jalan-jalan makan angin nier...hehehe. Kat sini kita boleh bermain-main ngan binatang secara live...memang best.

Bila tiba di Deerland , aku smpat berkenalan dan menemuramah ower Deerland tuh.
Orang nye memang peramah, walaupun aku cakap just nak tengok2 saja, dia masih sudi memberi kami masuk dan bergambar dgn haiwan2 yg berada disana.

Mengikut kata En. Abdullah (kalau tak silap) kebanyakan yang datang kesini adalah pelancong dari luar negara. Keluasan tanah adalah sebyk 12ekar dan bermacam2 haiwan terdapat didalam nye. Ada beruang , yang dikatakan paling jinak di dunia . Ada burung unta, kera, kancil, ayam hutan, burung merak, dan sudah semestinya la Rusa,dah nama pun Deerland kan. Terdapat rusa2 dari negara taiwan/korea, ada juga dari seberang. dan dikatakan rusa dari seberang yang palin jinak. Pelancong2 juga dibenarkan memberi makan kepada haiwan2 ini.

Kepada yang berminat untuk pergi bercuti disini, mereka juga ada menyediakan khemah2 untuk
menginap dan merasai alam semulajadi.
Untuk bayaran melawat Deerland :

Dewasa : RM5
Kanak2 : RM3 (bwh 12thn)
bawah 3tahun percuma

Utk sewa tapak sahaja : (peralatan semua sendiri) RM10 seorang
Utk pakej 2hr 1 mlm : (25org dan keatas shj) RM50-60 seorang
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Mar 29, 2010

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary
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Rugi sampai lambat tak dapat join xtvt..
Baru je sampai...hehe

Gajah-gajah sedang berehat

My family
Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary was set up by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks as an elephant translocation unit in 1974 to track down, capture and then release these elephants into larger and safer forest reserves throughout the Peninsula.A commendable effort by the wildlife department in trying to conserve the endangered elephant in Malaysia . Honestly i feel that this place should be a bit bigger , i had been to elephant parks in Chiang mai , Thailand and i would suggest that the wildlife department could take cue from their counterpart in thailand .But then again the real purpose of setting up this sanctuary is not for commercial purposes .I'm not sure the real reason for setting up the elephant parks in chiang mai but obviously it was for commercial purposes.
Due to their noble effort in helping the elephant , i gave a rating of "A" for this place . Entrance to this park is free and among activity that you can do here is elephant ride , elephant bath and elephant feeding.

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Mar 9, 2010

Holiday @ Melaka
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I guess most of the people went to Melaka for food hunting lol.
How about me? For sure were both :D
Here, i' m not going to share the historical background of Malacca (coz my history subject is poor), but there are some important landmarks we must visit in Melaka. A'Famosa is one of them. A Famosa, is part of a fortress built encircling the base of St. Paul's hill by the Portuguese in 1511. The gate is called Porta de Santiago.
Another landmark is the oldest protestant church in Malaysia named Christ Church. It constructed in magnificent Dutch wooden architecture.
Nearby Christ Church is the Stadthuys which was built in 1650 with unique Dutch mansonry and architectural skills. The salmon colour building of Dutch architecture is believed to be the oldest Dutch building in the East (circa 1641 and 1660). Now, they operate it as Historical and Ethnography Museum.
Within the square, there are the Queen Victoria's fountain built in 1901 and the Melaka Clock Tower built in 1886
You can experience the trisaw adventure by hire a trisaw to tour around the Melacca city or some of the main tourist attractions.
After the delicious dinner, we just simply hang along the Jonker Street and saw this funny stuff, were they candle holder?hehe...Jonker Street is basically a flea market with a Malaccan Cultural flavor. There are many stalls and shops set up along the street of Hang Jebat which selling curios, antique, souvenirs and so on. There are also many events and cultural shows being held on the street during weekends.
Walking along the street, you will discover a lot of shops and stalls which selling souvenirs with reasonable price. If you are tire of walking, make a stop at Stall 88, quench your thirst with a bowl of Melaka Cendol.
Experience the most sensational shopping of a lifetime. Witness the fusion of history with modern everyday shopping and exciting events at the largest megamall in Melaka!
As you stroll into the mall, you will enjoy a unique experience where heritage meets high fashion. We have the 2020 capsule that was officiated by one of the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. At the same time, you will be amazed by the selection of stores that offers a unique shopping experience from trendy clothes to stylish jewellery, global brands to local artwork, you can have it all. Very nice place...
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